How to Download Mozilla Firefox (version 44.0)

How to Download Mozilla Firefox (version 44.0)

Download Mozilla Firefox – Mozilla Firefox has indeed distinguished itself from the rest of the pack. It is actually an easily accessible, non-profit initiative developed by its users and free for everyone. Mozilla was designed without having profit in view; as its developers felt that they could create something that could perform better than the likes of Microsoft and Google – its antecedents.

Firefox boasts a vibrant group of contributors, designing additions and enhancing the overall user experience. They contribute their time freely and do not try to make profit via adverts or paid services. This group is indispensable to Firefox; and most times, they introduce enhancements and extras long before other competitors. This leaves the user with a great, responsive browser with massive prospects, always up-to-date on the latest stuff, and on an open ground.

Software Review

Easy-to-use and customized internet browser

With Firefox, you have an easily-accessible internet browsing platform. It is popular and user-friendly, and it is also known for its speed. It can run on laptop and desktop devices, as well as mobiles like smartphones, phablets and tablets. It also works on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and also Firefox Operating System. The team of designers always ensure it is up-to-date at every point in time; and it is made available in up to 79 languages.

Due to its wide range of extra features and widgets, gamers and programmers usually pick it over its contemporaries. This makes it very flexible, as users have the opportunity to customize their browsing experience much more than they ordinarily would. To enhance the overall browsing experience of the user, Firefox has quite a number of special features; like steady malware and antivirus security, private browsing options, systematic security updates, spell-checkers, tabs, instant information about any website you visit (you just have to click the address on the address bar), simulated sticky notes, a bar for ‘smart location’ (which enables users to revisit past websites), and lots more. Furthermore, it also has a function that restores you to your previous session, so you can continue from where you stopped before the session was interrupted.

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista


  1. It values your privacy

Firefox has a ‘no-tracking’ feature, and it is included specially to give the users considerably higher control over the manner in which their browsing activities are being monitored on the internet. This feature allows users to inform the websites they explore about their distaste for online behavioral monitoring. In Firefox v.5, this feature is easily accessible via the ‘preferences’ area.

According to Mozilla, Firefox v.5 for Android devices also comes with the ‘no tracking’ functionality; so Firefox was the first to introduce ‘no tracking’ feature on several different platforms.

  1. It is known for its speed and small size

I’d always had this nudging that Firefox 5 is pretty fast, and Digitzor just confirmed my suspicions by subjecting it to a number of standards. Firefox dusted the likes of Opera and Google Chrome on the SunSpider JavaScript assessment. Also, it had a better ‘cold start time’ than that of Google Chrome. In addition, even if up to 25 websites were opened simultaneously, Firefox used up only a small portion of RAM.

  1. It enables an open web

Firefox has proven enhanced standards provision for HTML5, SMIL, XHR, MathML and Canvas; and so if you need an open web, Firefox 5 is surely your best bet. The brand new Firefox enhancement, SDK for Linux, Windows and Mac supports the local infusion of extras. Also, the Firefox Add-on Developer Beta enables a hosted web-based construct setting. CSS animations are also supported in the new version of the versatile software.

  1. It boasts up to 1,000 enhancements

Well, it really is more than a thousand improvements and operation augmentations that have been incorporated into Firefox 5. Not all of them are massive, conspicuous alterations though; but they certainly improve the performance of the software. Meanwhile, Firefox 5 for Android comes with a number of bug fixes, enhanced speed for loading pages – particularly on 3G networks – and additional IPv6 enablement.

  1. It is Safe, Objective and User-driven

The software is accessible to all and by all. Users do not only help design it, but an international network of users and designers help track and improve its security on a steady basis. Mozilla, in itself, is a stand-alone institution. There’s absolutely no chance that a trademarked browser like Microsoft, or even Google – with all its branches and connections – can rival such purposeful objectivity and user-concentration.

Google chrome openly rivals Firefox in no small way; but future enhancements can be expected in Firefox 6 and upwards. Download here and check it out yourself.

Mozilla Firefox 44.0 features

The most significant features of Mozilla Firefox include:

  • Search engine incorporated into the main toolbar
  • Steady security against worms, malware, spyware and viruses.
  • High speed internet surfing for every single type of website
  • Total incorporation with external extras to download, like email clients
  • Use of specific keywords to recognize sites visited earlier
  • Built-in HTML5 and advanced developer’s tools
  • Innovative tab-browsing maintenance navigation
  • Alluring and responsive interface with great themes and online components to update

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