Download 2go – Chat with Friends and Family

Download 2go:Chat with Friends and Family

Download 2go – 2go is a mobile chat application through which you can communicate freely with old and new friends. On the 2go network you can set up a personal profile, chat with friends and share files and pictures. It also allows you to meet millions of people with whom you can become friends.
You can meet friends by searching within a particular location when you enter the chat room. You can also add friends using their phone numbers. 2go allows you to chat in two or more rooms at the same time and you can synchronize your Facebook account with your 2go account. You are also allowed to create a profile status which you can change as many times as you want.

You need to have data subscription on your phone to be able to use 2go messenger or a phone that can connect to a wireless network (Wi-Fi). Your mobile operator will charge you a subscription fee for the data to use 2go on your mobile phone but this will still be considerably cheaper than chatting with your friends through text messages.

Steps to Download 2go

To download 2go, go to the official their website: , There are many versions of 2go and downloading your preferred version is simple. To download the latest versions of 2go, click on this link below:

How to Recover your Lost 2go Password
Go to on your mobile phone
Click on “Help”
Click on “Login, Profile problems and Password”
Click on “I Lost my Password”
Follow the other instructions to retrieve your password

You will receive a text message containing your new 2go password.

Suggesting a 2go Room
If you have an idea which you think can be discussed in a 2go room, you can suggest that a room be created for that purpose. To make a “create a room” suggestion to the 2go development team, follow the steps below:

Visit on your phone
Click on “Get Help”#
Click on “I want to suggest a new room”#
Fill the required information on the form provided#
Click submit

How to Download 2go on your Computer

To use 2go on your computer, go to and sign up for a 2go account to get a username and password. You don’t need to download the 2go application on your computer. If you are already using 2go on your mobile phone, you only have to enter your username and password and you can begin to chat with and meet friends.

Using 2go with Friends on Facebook

After installing 2go on your mobile phone, go to “Settings” then “Gateways”. Click on “Facebook” and enter your Facebook username and password. Whenever your Facebook friends come online, you will be notified and you can start chatting with them.

To get a Facebook username, go to This is the username for logging in to your 2go chat application for Facebook. However, the password remains your regular Facebook password.

Further Information about 2go

There is some sort of e-currency called  “Go Credits”.  Having some units of this “Go credits” gives you access to additional features like sharing pictures and other files among your friends, participate in games and competitions, change your 2go style, enter rooms to chat, and so on. However, you do not need “Go Credits” to chat with your friends one-on-one.

2go can run on any Java phone and can be downloaded on phones running the Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry OS (Operating System).

Avoid sharing personal information with strangers on 2go. Do not share your private pictures too or agree to meet a stranger outside 2go. If you must meet each other, ensure it is in a public place and let someone come with you or leave the address of the place you are going. Many people have fallen victims of criminals just by trusting a friend they met on social networking sites.

Be also careful of broadcast messages saying you can download a special 2go messenger which will boost your level within hours of registration. This is not always safe as there have been instances where these unofficial 2go messengers were used to monitor  messages sent from it and several crimes committed with such information.

I hope this helps.

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