How to Create a Yahoo Email Account – Yahoo Registration

How to Create a Yahoo Email Account – Yahoo Registration

How to Create a Yahoo Email Account- Are you are new to Yahoo Mail or simply creating a new account? Then you are in the right place. This tutorial will not only show you how to create a yahoo email account but will also show you all the awesome packages that comes with owning a Yahoo account.

To skip this tutorial entirely, you can go to their official email website page at or their home page at You will find it relatively easy to sign up, especially if you already have an existing Facebook of Google account.

This is possible because Yahoo’s email service is now compatible with your existing login information (that’s your username and password) with those other service providers. Is that not awesome? This means that you have one less password to remember, and your Facebook and Google accounts are automatically linked to your Yahoo Mail account as well. Before we go to the simple steps to creating a new yahoo email account let us see the wonderful features yahoo email service has to offer.

Yahoomail Features

The inbox

At a quick glance you will notice that as you scroll through your Yahoo inbox that it is categorized into four sections – today, yesterday, last week, earlier in the current month, last month, each month and each year after that. You can also personalize your inbox with beautiful themes, delete your emails, report a complaint and move selected emails to spam, inbox or trash or to a new folder you have created. You also have the “more options” feature where you can mark an already read email as “unread”, block a particular email address from sending emails and so much more.

The Compose

With, composing an email is very productive. This email service allows you to upload and send 25MB file attachments. The message editor window gives you room to write your message, and still be able to read previous messages sent to you by the person you are writing. The compose editor lets you to create your message with very good formatting options. One tiny glitch is that the text composer does not give you the option to change the style and size of the font but generally, Yahoo Mail provides for you nearly every writing tool to compose and send decent professional-looking emails.

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Mail’s search feature makes it incredibly simple to find the exact message, photo or document you are looking for, no matter how long ago it was sent or received, you can get it on your screen in a matter of seconds.

Storage Facility

Yahoo offers the biggest storage capacity among other email providers. With 1000 GB, you will never have to delete old emails, docs and photos to save space.

Yahoo Security makes an awesome showing of keeping spam and other undesirable emails out of your inbox. It sends all suspicious email specifically to your spam folder where you can have all of them deleted automatically, or you can keep them for a certain period of time. Sometimes, Yahoomail sends genuine emails to the spam folder; however this does not happen regularly. Yahoo Mail gives you the choice to go into the spam folder and mark such message as not spam. This will automatically move the message to your inbox. It’s generally a smart thought to keep an eye on your spam folder, in the event that one or two of your important emails end up in the spam folder.

Yahoo mail also collaborates with Norton antivirus to keep malware off your PC. This is done by the scanning of all incoming and outgoing messages and attached files for all known viruses.

Additional Features

The Yahoo Mail email provider also includes a few additional features, such as the notes and the calendar section. You can use the calendar to create appointments and set reminders. You can even go ahead to check what the weather will be like on the day of an appointment. also offers an instant yahoo messenger that connects you to other yahoo users and notifies you of an incoming mail. That’s a two in one feature.

YahooMail Help and Support

YahooMail provides customer support in the form of a comprehensive “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

Who wouldn’t want to utilize the vast features of this incredible email provider? I would… now let’s go on to sign up on

You can get an overview of Yahoo features Here.

Steps on How to Create a Yahoo Email Account

  1. Go to and click on “Sign up for a New Account”. This is directly below the “Sign in” area on their page.

2.As soon as you click, you will be taken to the yahoomail registration application form. There, you will be required to fill out the form with current and truthful information about yourself. This includes:

  • Your First Name (e.g. Frank). Compulsory.
  • Your Last Name (e.g. Ibe). Compulsory.registration page for
  • Your desired username (e.g. frankibe143, ibe_frank)
  • Your Phone Number (e.g. +23456693382)
  • Your Birthday (e.g. May 23 1986)
  • Your Sex (Male or Female)
  • Recovery Number  – A phone number of someone yahoo can contact if there are issues with your yahoo email account and your primary phone number is unreachable. This is optional.
  • Your Relationship with the Person (brother, sister, mother, etc.)
  • Click and read the Yahoo Terms and privacy policy. After reading through,

3. Click on “Create Account” to create your new yahoomail account.Note that you may have to go through phone or captcha image verification depending on the country you are registering from.

And bahm.. You have a new yahoomail account filled with innovate tools for an awesome emailing experience. Get one today and start enjoying these mammoth benefits!

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