My Dreams for the Future

My Dreams for the Future by Akira A.

Upon graduating high school, I have already been faced with tough choices about which direction I should go in to make my aspirations and dreams come true. Should I take out loans my first year? Should I go to community college then transfer? As time dwindles down and the stress and confusion piles on, I am certain of one thing. I want to help others. [Read more…]

Art Inspires Me

Art Inspires Me by Amber F.

I am not the traditional student with little responsibility who has all the time in the world dedicated to studying. I am also not someone who does not care about their education or grades wasting mine and others time. I can tell you what I am… I am a mother, wife and a hard worker with goals and dreams. I am dedicated to my family but also my future. I have been a devoted student and will continue to be until I accomplish my goal. [Read more…]

The American Dream

“The American Dream” by Bethany Williams

What identifies myself from other business, management, and marketing majors would be my intrinsic motivation, international background, and well-built connections. Strengths from my resume includes sales experience, social media marketing and self-motivation. Weaknesses include not having enough experience. [Read more…]

Passion, Not Just Paycheck

Passion, not just Paycheck

by Caleb Cuzner

Teachers and parents love asking young children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“An astronaut!” “An artist!”

“An actor!”

“The President of the United States!” [Read more…]

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