Attitude of Consumers Towards Nigerian Made Goods


The importance of the consumers in any production decision cannot be over emphasized. This is because the center point of all the dally activities at all business organization is the consumers, who is defined as an individual organization institution who purchased and uses or who has the willingness ability to purchase the products (goods and services) offered for sale in the business firm. In addition the disposition of the consumer towards a product determines the success or failure of that products. In the market. An attempt to manage that fact in business decision, it produced the marketing concept which view the consumer as the king and tends to direct most the production and marketing activities towards satisfying the consumer and at the same time make profit. Many business firm are struggling hard to know who buys and consumes their products, where they are located, how they buy, when from who else. They buy and equally why people do not buy particular products from certain people, organization and retail outlets in spite of all the marketing strategies and factices applied by such firms to attract these consumers for patronage.

One main aim in marketing concept is to satisfy the wants and needs of our target market in order to this effectively and efficiently. We have to apply knowledge and understanding of consumer’s behavior. This is because consumers attitude regarding almost every thing attitudes put them into a frame of liking and dislike the products, a service and advertising them or a particular retailer or manufacturers towards or away from them. A consumer would benefit greatly from researchers. The various people who must have purchased their product, for example, attitude research is commonly used to ascertain the probability that consumers will act favorably to his proposed product what to inquiring why a firm target audience is reached more favorably to its revise promotional theme or to find out how market or consumers are likely to their proposed changed in the firms packaging, label and price.


Attitudes are strong forces that have tremendous influence on consumer’s perception and buying behavior. Attitude are an expression of inner feelings which reflect whether person is favorable our unfavorable predisposed to subject e.g. a brand a service, a retail establishment. According to Gordon all port, attitudes are learned predisposition responded to an object or class of object in a consistently favorably or unfavorably way. As an out come of some psychological process, attitudes are directly observable therefore, consumers researchers tends to access attitude by questionnaires or making influences from behavior.

According to Koller, he defined attitudes as that which describes a person’s living favorable or unfavorable cognitive evaluative, emotional feelings and techniques tendencies towards almost every thing. Religion, polities, clothes, shoes, food and so, an attitudes condition then and put them in a proper frame of accept or reject things (Ifezue) went forward to define attitudes as banded pre-disposition of the individual to evaluate situation or object in favorable or unfavorable manner.

The similarities existing between attitudes help people to have a fairly consistent mode of behavior towards contain things of similar classes. They do not have to enter and react to every thing a fresh way. A person various attitudes settle into a consistent pattern, and to change a single attitude may require major adjustment in other attitudes to consumers.



Here is a worldwide consensus the consumer’s behavior motivated, but opinion vary over what actually influence such behavior in general terms. According to Durpruch bribery and Denski in 1986 this absence of agreement is to enable to human complexities resulting from the environment differences in which consumers find them selves. Similarly Sikuta 1994 noted that the other major cause of the controversy is differences in socio economic, social cultural socio political, academic background of the consumers and the researcher nothing all these influences William 1993: concluded that “ it is difficult to study consumer behavior in general” consequently, Berelson and Sterner 1992, observed that the capitalists and socialists have their respective way of looking at consumer preferences in addition, the scale oriented an marketing oriented professional and businessmen have their respective made goods.


The source of data collected are primarily and secondary data. Primary data these are data collected first hand from original sources, the field through interview, questionnaire, surveys, planned experimental observations or recording of official transaction.

Secondary data these are data obtained second and use for a named purpose this data collected from second hand publishers, journals, books newspapers magazines etc.



The population of the study comprises the consumers in Enugu metropolis,


The appropriate formula used in calculating the sample size is Bourley’s formula (Bourley’s 1973:3 727) because the population is known to be 465072 as of 1991 population census.

The formula                   = N

1 + N (c)2




N       = sample size

N       = population size

I        = constant


Made goods in Enugu metropolis can be encouraged if the products can make use of high quality at raw materials and other components during production. The government can help them to be given granting the producer, manufactured so, the producers should not ignore the consumers orientation concept. Today Nigeria Producers ignore importance of consumers orientation and have mesentery consumer leads to too quality goods and high price.

Consumers in Enugu metropolis a times have negative not concerning the local made produced products due to some of the reasons that is best common to them. One may ask, why don’t we accept a cheaper price if it can still serve the same purposed the answer to this is that in processing cheaper expensive machineries may be required, extra expenses may be incurred in buying cheaper materials used of specific equipment or create production difficulty and the lose of market to competitors some producers prices their goods made low price good and consumers top have negative attitude towards the Nigerian made goods.


The researcher is based on the attitude of consumers in Enugu metropolis towards Nigeria made goods.


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