How to Apply For Us Visa in Nigeria

How to Apply For Us Visa in Nigeria

Apply For Us Visa in Nigeria – The precarious situation in Nigeria is the issue of people migrated to other nations to seek for greener pastures and one major nation that offers better opportunities is the United States of America; that nation that has “In God We Trust” written boldly on her currency. Little wonder if that is the reason why their currency is the gold standard of the world. There are two major ways people leave this country; legitimately which will require a visa or illegitimately which will require going through the desert of Sahara.

apply for us visa in nigeria

In this piece I will discussing on how one can actually apply for United States visa in Nigeria. Meanwhile there are two types of US visas; immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa. The former is for those who are seeking to leave in the US permanently with their families while the latter is for temporal basis like student visas, holiday and vacations.

Visa applications are done by visiting official US embassies in Nigeria and they can be found in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. You can also apply from their official website ( where you will see different options and guidelines needed to proceed. So rather going to the embassy firstly, one can check their website and prepare their minds for the required documentation. And of course the first major document one must have to be able to even leave the country is their International Passport; that is a core requirement for cross-border travels and can be gotten from the Nigerian Immigration Service.

  1. Determine your visa type: You will need to determine the type of visa that you want to get based on what I mentioned above; Immigrant and Non-immigrant visas. You will need the document that states the different requirement for each type and this can be obtained on their website.
  2. Pay Visa Fees: After determining which visa type to apply for, you will be required to pay for the required visa fees and you can find out the amount required on the website. The amount can be stated in dollar or the naira equivalent and the different mode of payments will be stated. You will have to choose which one you are comfortable with. After making the payment you will also need to keep your proof of payment like receipt because it will be needed to book your interview.
  3. Filling the DS-160 form: You will need to fill this form to be able to secure a visa appointment and you must ensure that every detail included is correct because once submitted it can’t be edited. It will be wise to seek the assistant of an immigration officer or legal practitioner in order not to make any mistakes or errors. It will be an effort in futility for you to fill the forms guessing what each input means and put in the wrong details.
  4. Fix a Visa Appointment: At this time you will be expected to create an account on the US Embassy Visa portal. You will have to click new user if it is your first time, put in the required details and create a strong password. You can go ahead login and on the left side of the dashboard you click Schedule an Appointment. There documents required to pick an appointment date; an international passport that will be valid for at least six months of your expected period of stay in the US, your payment receipt number from the bank you paid through, a 10-digit barcode number that was generated when you will filled the DS-160 form, contact information (email or phone number), additional documents depending on your visa type like student visas.
  5. Prepare for Interview: One must be prepared psychological and otherwise for interview. You must learn how to answer your interview questions correctly and smartly as well. An important question people will answer is what they will be doing over there in the United States and how you intend to take care of yourself and needs. Sometime they will need proof that you have an account in Nigeria with enough money to cater for you or those of your sponsors. This is to ensure that you won’t go over there and liability or nuisance to a sane society. Some people often have other motives to either extend their stay beyond what the visa states (if it is approved) and this can always backfire.
  6. Wait for Outcome: They usual thing I believe for Nigerians to do is to start praying for it to be approved, which is good but US being the US would need to run a lot scrutiny on your application before giving a verdict. Of course they will the pros and cons of your visiting their country and what value you could be bringing to their country. Whatever the case, it is either approved or it is disapproved and if approved, you will need to start planning for your journey; flight ticket and all. The visa can be dropped off at your choice address or you have to go get it yourself. Most times people wait for calls or mails to come in and none might come in; so sometimes you have to go check after about 10 days. If it is disapproved, you accept it or you petition the reason for disapproval (which you will be told).

Visas and getting one to the United States is like an opportunity or a jackpot one wins; and when one gets it and moves to the US (for greener pastures), the chance for success would have increased and is left to you to make good use of it when you get there. Nigerians who go there ensure that they work hard with a number of years in mind, save up, do as many jobs as possible, support family and of course achieve their dreams. That happens to be part of the hustle for us in Nigeria and many people are grabbing it once the opportunity shows itself.

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