Airtel Data Plans – Get Airtel Internet Bundle for Your Phones and PC

Airtel Data Plans – Get Airtel Internet Bundle for Your Phones and PC

Airtel Data Plans – This is one network that has involved in so many ways from being Econet Wireless (from Zimbabwe) to V Mobile, the Zain and finally to Airtel (which is well known in India). They have also had different data plans that are not so popular but suit the need of their subscribers and fans.

These plans have been bumped up also for them to be able to survive the competitive market in the industry. You can imagine when one pays whooping 1,000 for just 200MB data but today that has improved. In this piece, I will be sharing the different plans that can be found on the Airtel network based on data amount, validity, cost and codes for subscription.

Daily Plans

  1. 30MB Plan

This goes for N100 and has not always been the case; it was bumped from 10MB to 30MB. I am sure they had to increase it after finding out other networks were offering more from that amount. The validity period is 24 hours.

Subscription code is; *410#

  1. 50MB Plan

On the airtel website, the price put for this N200 but it actually will cost you N300 to surf the internet with 50MB allocated to you. The validity period for this plan is 3 days and to opt in; dial *412#.

  1. 5-Star Pack of 25MB (5MB Daily)

This package offers one 5MB daily for 5 days (sounds interesting I guess). It is perfect for light browsers or maybe old people who simply read news updates via news apps like Punch or Naij. This will be good for checking Facebook updates and birthdays too.

Subscription code is *401#

Weekly Plans

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  1. 80MB Plan

This package can be gotten for N300 even though it isn’t really appealing seeing that the validity is for 7 days. One can actually exhaust this within an hour depending on usage of it.

To opt-in to this, dial *417#.

  1. 750MB Plan

With just N500 you can have access to this Airtel Package in their Easy Internet Bundle. It has a validity period of 2weeks. To opt-in dial *418#.

Monthly Plans

These ones seem to be the best data deals from Airtel and are highly competitive with what other networks have to offer. In their website, it is stated that these plans can work only for Android 1.0 devices but they can actually work in any device. So let’s delve into what Airtel’s monthly plans are made of.

  1. 5GB Plan

This looks like the best of them all and can work on any device; the data consumption is reasonable unlike what pertains on Blackberry devices. This cost N1,000 to get and it is valid for one month.

To get this plan you simply dial *496#.

  1. 5GB Plan

Now to another great one where you get over double of what you paid in the previous plan by a double price of what you paid. This can be gotten with N2,000 and has a validity period of 30 days.

This will serve people that use the internet quite often and also stream videos online. To subscribe to this, simply dial *437#.

  1. 5GB Plan

This really looks good because you only pay an additional N500 to get an additional 1.5GB to do your internet deeds. So for N2,500 you will get a massive 5GB of data. This also has a 30 days validity period. If you are a busy entrepreneur or blogger or internet-based business, this can serve you well for a month. To get this; dial *437*1#.

  1. 5GB Plan

This will be great for power internet users and still have data remaining by the end of the month. Your YouTube and NetFlix needs are covered with this. This plan has a validity period of one month.

To get this, dial *438#.

  1. 12GB Plan

Still good for high-tension users of the internet and with N5,000 you can have 12GB of data allocated for you. It is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to this, dial *452#.

  1. 24GB Plan

This cost N8,000 and you will have a whooping 24GB allocated to you with a validity period of 30 days. This you can get by dialing *460#.

Opera Monthly Bundle

This package works for few applications on your devices; to check webpages, emails, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. This is a 250MB and cost about N300. If well manage it can last one for a month but definitely for light browsing.

To get this dial *885*1#.

You can find various data plans from Airtel tabulated below;

Plan Validity Opt-in Code
Airtel Daily Data Bundles
30MB @ ₦100 24 Hours *410#
50MB @ ₦300 3 Days *412#
25MB @ ₦100 5 Days *401#
Airtel Weekly Data Bundles
750MB @ ₦500 2 Weeks *418#
Airtel Monthly Data Bundles
1.5GB @ ₦1,000 30 Days *496#
3.5GB @ ₦2,000 30 Days *437#
5GB @ ₦2,500 30 Days *437*1#
7GB @ ₦3,500 30 Days *438#
12GB @ ₦5,000 30 Days *452#
24GB @ ₦8,000 30 Days *460#


The blackberry is a very simple one can with N1,000 you will have 3GB of data allocated to you. Valid for 30 days only on Blackberry devices only and can be gotten by dialing *431#

Time/Night/Weekend Plans

Plan Name Data Allowance Subscription Fee Validity Days USSD CODE  Description
Time / NIGHT/ Weekend TIME BASED 30 300 x *439*3# Need quick download for only a certain period like 30 mins? How about our Airtel time based plans Enjoy Time based 30 at N300 only
TIME BASED 60 500 x *439*4# Need data for only a certain period like 60 mins? How about our Airtel time based plans Enjoy Time based 60 at N500 only
NIGHT 120 3 hours 1,000 x *481*2# Browse and download movies all night to watch during the day with our super affordable Airtel Night plans at N1,000 for 3 hours .Usable between 12am and 5:59am.Enjoy Night 120 at N1,000 only
WEEKEND BUNDLE 200 200MB 200 weekend *472# Make your weekends worthwhile and memorable with Airtel weekend plans.Enjoy superfast browsing usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday.Enjoy our Weekend bundle with 200MB at N200 during the weekend
WEEKEND BUNDLE 500 500MB 500 weekend *473# Make your weekends worthwhile and memorable with Airtel weekend plans.Enjoy superfast browsing usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday.Enjoy our weekend bundle with 500MB at N500 during the weekend


Finally, you need to check how much is remaining of your data per time; that way you know how to control usage and when you need reduce it or top up.

With Airtel you can do this by dialing *140#

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