Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities – Get your own Philosophy Project Topics here! These Research /Project topics below has duly been researched and approved. All Philosophy Project topics here contain the complete relevant chapters required.You can view the chapter one or table of contents of any of them before payment. To do so, text the topic of the project material, its serial number and your email to  (eg: Panacea To Nigerian Predicaments In The Light Of Soren Kierkegaard’s Authentic Existence (,01 ,infopnig@gmailcom)

List of Philosophy Project Topics

  1. Panacea To Nigerian Predicaments In The Light Of Soren Kierkegaard’s Authentic Existence
  2. Psychology Of Genius In Arthur Schopenhauer
  3. A Critique Of Determinism In The Light Of Immanuel Kant
  4. Nihilism In Nietzsche; A Critical Evaluation Of Nigerian Situation
  5. Moral Decadence In Nietzsche’s Philosophy
  6. Plato’s Class Distinction: The Backdrop of Contemporary Education
  7. Utilitarianism, J S Mill
  8. Machiavellianism & Democracy (Nigeria As A Case Study)
  9. Appraisal Of Joseph Fletcher’s New Morality
  10. Friendship In Aristotle Vis-À-Vis Modern Day Conception Of Friendship
  11. The Notion Of The Human Person In Kierkegaard Vis-À-Vis African Individual
  12. The Civil State In John Locke’s Political Philosophy: Its Relevance To Nigerian Democracy
  13. A Philosophical Approach To The Art Of Family Planning In The Light Of John F Kippley
  14. The Critique Of Social Contract In Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Political Philosophy
  15. The Distorted Images Of African Continent: A Heideggerian Interpretation
  16. Justice In Aristotle

Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

  1. Alienation Of Labour, Karl Marx
  2. State Of Nature & Political Right In T Hobbes
  3. Freudian Psychosexual Enlightenment Of The Child
  4. Concept of Superman, in Nietzsche
  5. Friendship Of Unequals In Aristotle Vis-A-Vis Godfatherism In Nigeria
  6. A Critique Of Popper’s Strategy For The Growth Of Science
  7. Feminists Critique On Aristotle Gender Perspective
  8. The Igbo Traditional System Of Child Upbringing,
  9. Individual And State In Aristotle In Relation To Promotion Of Human Rights In Nigeria
  10. The Nigeria Police And Mockery Of Common Good (A Critical Investigation)
  11. Universal Causation And Its Relation To Human Freedom In    John Hospers
  12. Relationship In Gabriel Marcel: An Existentialist Analysis The Notion Addiction And Freedom In Gerald G May
  13. Love In General
  14. Nkrumah’s Conscientism
  15. The Relevance Of Hegelian Historical Dialectics To Multi-Ethnic Nigeria
  16. Death, A Necessary Path To Life A Heideggerian Approach
  17. The Notion Of Truth In Igbo Thought And Life A Philosophical Exposition
  18. The Meaning Of Human Existence In Soren Kierkegaard
  19. The Relevance Of Heidegger’s Doctrine Of Authenticity In The Evolution Of A True Nigerian Political Ststem
  20. The Concept Of Goodwill In Kant’s Categorical Imperative

Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

  1. Abortion And Dignity Of Human Life: A Moral Consideration
  2. Nigerian Religious Experience, A Godin
  3. Ojukwu’s Philosophy Of Detribalism: The Panacea To The Nigerian Political Problems
  4. Plato’s Idea Of ‘Philosopher King’ And Nigerian Leadership Crisis
  5. Just State In Plato (A Critical Exposition)
  6. A Comparative Study Of T Hobbes’s Social Contract With J Locke’s Social Contract Political Phil
  7. Plato’s Notion Of Philosopher King, And Nigerian Leaders, A Comparative Analysis
  8. Social Contract In Jean Jacques Rousseau – Implications For Nigerian Democracy
  9. Platonic-Aristotelian Notion Of Man [A Comparative Analysis]
  10. Notion Of Freedom And Law In St Thomas Aquinas
  11. The Notion Of Happiness In Aristotle And Thomas Aquinas (A Comparative Study)
  12. A Philosophical Look At The Egocentric Interpretation Of Self-Transcendence In Man In The Light Of Nietzsche
  13. The Concept Of Happiness In St Augustine (A Critical Appraisal)
  14. Modern Biotechnology And Diginity Of Human Life; An Ethical Analysis
  15. A Critical Appraisal Of Hobbes’ Idea Of Social Contract

Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

  1. A Critique On Piagetian Theories Of Cognitive Development
  2. A Comparative Study Of The Concept Of Priesthood In Igbo Traditional Religion And Catholic Priesthood
  3. Conscience In Thomas Aquinas: A Philosophical Reflection
  4. The Doctrine Of Freedom & Responsibility In J P Sartre- The Fundamental Principles In An Authentic Existence
  5. Kantian Categorical Imperative: Its Implication In Nigerian Ethical Order
  6. Biafra Agitation: Any Justification?
  7. A Comparative Analysis Of Machiavellian Principle And Nigerian Society
  8. Welfarism: An Option For Nigeria
  9. Religion & Freewill, J William
  10. John Locke’s Political Power Vis-À-Vis Abuse Of Power In Nigeria
  11. The Binding Force Of Conscience In St Thomas Aquinas
  12. Existentialism Of Jean Paul Sartre
  13. Critical Analysis Of Hegelian Idealism And Its Implications For The Individual Human Person
  14. Globalization And Sustainable Development In Africa (A Dialectical Inquiry)

Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

  1. A Critique Of The Moral And Religious Nihilism In The Philosophy Of Freidrich Nietzsche
  2. Igbo/European Contact; Its Socio-Political Effects On The Igbo
  3. Philosophical Survey In The Morality Of Spinoza In The Light Of His Evil And Good
  4. Hannah Arendt On Violence Vis-À-Vis The Quest For Political Power Through Violence In Nigeria
  5. The State As A Community Of Persons In Hegel; A Critique
  6. Ego And The Id In Sigmund Freud:A Philosophical Examination
  7. The Implication Of David Hume’s Philosophy Of Impressions And Ideas
  8. Social Status In Plato’s Ideal State: Its Relevance To Nigerian Society
  9. The Fate Of Man In A Sciento-Technological Era, (A Philosophical Examination Of The Ideas Of Alex Denis)
  10. Thomas Aquinas’ Natural Law Theory: A Standard For Human Positive Law
  11. Justice In John Rawls Vis-À-Vis Nigerian Democracy
  12. The Place Of Man In Aristotle: The Basis Of Man’s Life Crisis (An Evaluative Rediscovery)
  13. How To Be Happy: A Critical Evaluation Of Aristotle’s “Golden Mean”
  14. Notion Of Freedom In Jean Paul Sartre
  15. Notion Of Change And Permanence In Aristotle

Philosophy Project Topics Approved by Nigerian Universities

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